Preparing for Instruction 3 -Motivation

From the readings I’ve completed to date, discussions I’ve had with peers, and from my own small amount of classroom experience, student motivation continually appears to be one of the biggest issues educators have to tackle.

There are two basic types of motivation:  Intrinsic, whereby internal factors are the basis for motivation, and extrinsic motivation, which is caused by external factors.  Some examples of both types of motivation are listed below:

The link below is to an article from a middle school instructor, and what made this stand out to me was not only examining the best practices to use in the classroom to engender motivation, but her honest reflection on her successes (and failures) in meeting those best practices.  I really think that this article will be something I use to try and be more mindful in the classroom and create an atmosphere where students can find a positive, motivating learning experience.



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