Skype Call With My Learning Partner – Joe

Yesterday I was able to arrange a time to talk with Joe, my learning partner for this course.  Joe and I both work in the IT field, and are looking to add to our skill sets by completing the PIDP course.

With his background in IT, Joe feels that one of the big trends in our field is Cloud Computing. Being able to access applications and data anywhere has given individuals a newfound flexibility and ability to be more productive in both the work and home life.

Joe felt that Cloud computing has had a massive impact on educational process and practice.  For example, instead of purchasing a traditional textbook and studying at either school or home, students now have the freedom to purchase an eBook, and can have that with them 24/7 enabling the student to study on their terms, at whatever time works best for them.  Cloud computing has enabled a more open, less regimented educational process.

When we spoke about some of the trends in adult education, one of the things we spoke about most was the advent of Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs.  In our discussion, we spoke abut how MOOCs allow students to access educational courses who may not necessarily be able to otherwise, either due to geography, financial situation, or ability to dedicate time to educational pursuits.  MOOCs also cover a broad area of topics.  IT, Engineering, business, science, chances are there’s a MOOC for that!  During our conversation I also found out that most MOOCs are free, or almost free.  I thought that was wonderful.  It allows for self-directed students to sample topics to see if that topic holds particular meaning for them before dedicating themselves to pursuing that qualification.  I thought that a great opportunity!

I’m looking forward to speaking further with Joe in this course and working with him to make the most of this program.



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