Trends in Adult Education – Gamification

One educational trend that I have seen used successfully in the classroom is the gamification of educational materials.  Simply put, gamification is the use of gaming design principles within a non-gaming context.  While there are many tools and strategies for gamification of the classroom currently in place, this could become a more popular strategy as tools and educator skill sets become more attuned to the possibilities of gamification and the advantages it can bring, such as:

-Creating a more engaging learning environment

-Enhancing the competitive nature of students

-Providing frequent, small rewards or positive feedback to the student

-Giving a boost to critical thinking skills

One gamification tool I have seen used in the classroom recently is the Kahoot Response System (  Kahoot allows the instructor to utilize multiple choice questions as a quiz, discussion or survey that are displayed to the class and answered in real-time online on any device the user wishes, so long as it is connected to the Internet.  It’s been utilized in several different ways by educators, and their website is filled with tutorials and examples (and rubrics) of how Kahoot has enhanced learning in the classroom.

Has anyone tried using gamification in their lessons?  Did you find it successful, or do you have any tips that others may find beneficial?


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