A brief autobiography

Hi folks!  I’m excited to be starting this PIDP program, and hope to learn a lot as well as be able to have a positive contribution to the course.

But first, a little about myself. I’ve been involved with jobs in the  Information Technology sector for going on 20 years. In that time I’ve been in several roles, from supporting customers, to information security, and most recently as a supervisor.  Each role has had unique challenges and great opportunities for learning and growth.

My career has taken me from my home in Newfoundland, Canada to the middle-eastern country of Qatar, where I work for a Canadian College. Life is quite different from home but also has some amazing similarities that you wouldn’t anticipate.  Having a Tim Horton’s on campus is truly just the tip of the iceberg!

During my career in IT, I’ve felt that continuous learning was a critical component to stay current in my job.  Lately I have come to realize that my pursuit of education has not only been to satisfy or advance employment opportunities, but because I enjoy the journey that learning provides.

Good luck to all in the course!






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